Waiter Caddy™

How can the Waiter Caddy™ help improve my sales?

The Waiter Caddy™ helps promote organization - which frees you up to think about other things during your shift. For example, writing orders down keeps your mind clear to take extra orders or clear a table on your way back to the kitchen. Another example, would be the use of the Caddy to hold your menu notes, so you can worry less about remembering every detail of the many menu changes that day, and more on impeccable and personable service. 

The clear display pockets on the front of the Waiter Caddy™ can be filled with POS paper or order pad paper. Use these to display daily specials, or even better, three new wines each shift that you plan on talking about/selling to your guests. Regular focus on improving product knowledge, as well as an organized approach to consistent upselling are keys to making more money.

What are the differences between the Waiter Caddies?

There are three Waiter Caddies: the Original, the Deluxe, and the Original XLT. All three have the same 7-pocket design, but slight differences.

The Original Waiter Caddy™ is 5" x 7.5", has a black cover and inside, and the slimmest design we offer.

The Deluxe Waiter Caddy™ is 5" x 7.5", has a black cover and red inside, is stitched around the edge and has reinforced nickel corners. This is the most durable book we offer.

The Original XLT Waiter Caddy™ was designed for those who need to use longer guest check pads to take orders. It is the same design as the Original, but 5.5" wide and 9.25" tall. 

How much does the money pocket hold?

The vertical money pocket was designed to be tight and secure. This pocket is not meant for heavy use throughout the shift, but rather to keep larger bills safe. If you need a pocket to place a larger amount of bills, we suggest using one of the main pockets.

What if my book breaks, or I don't like it?

We offer a 60 day return/exchange policy for Caddies that are not personalized (an option you choose at checkout). Please call or email us so we can help find a solution to any issues, and get your feedback. We value your input!

Do you offer bulk discounts for restaurants?

Yes we do! Use code "BULK" at checkout for orders over $99 and receive 20% off.

Can you customize my order?

Yes - but each customized text imprint/silk screening will cost approximately $95. This is an option that makes sense for restaurants ordering several books who also want their logo on the cover. Email us at info@thewaiterdepot.com for a quote. Custom printing can take 2 - 8 weeks for delivery.


What are my shipping options?

We ship all orders through the United States Postal Service. We offer Priority Mail 1-3 days (not guaranteed) for a flat $6.65 per order, and Express 1-2 days for $22.00 (Express is only available for orders under $99 and is guaranteed 1-2 days).

How fast can I get my order?

Orders ship within 48 business hours. Our default shipping method is Priority Mail 1-3 Days at a flat rate of $6.65. Priority Mail is not guaranteed for delivery within the dates specified by USPS. Express mail is 1-2 days, guaranteed, at a rate of $22.00 (for orders under $99).

The tracking number for my order is not showing tracking information.

If your order has only recently shipped, wait a few hours and check again - most likely the Post Office has not scanned it yet, or their system isn't updating. If your order shipped more than 24 hours ago, the label may have a blemish, the Post Office system may not be updating, or the initial scan was not done correctly by USPS. Should you have issues tracking your package please email us at info@thewaiterdepot.com.


What is your refund policy?

We offer refunds/exchanges within 60 days of your order.

How can I return or exchange my order?

Please email us at info@thewaiterdepot.com or call us at 866-674-3395 to discuss your needs. The address to send returns/exchanges is:

The Waiter Depot
1321 NW 98th Ter
Gainesville, FL 32606